DIVE CENTER / Dive In Soma Bay



The dive centre Dive In Soma Bay is based on the Palme Royale Resort’s beach, in a natural area protected by the north’s winds, where the sea is always calm and the beach, one of the most beautiful of the Red See, offers the best conditions for diving, windsurf, kite surf and aquatic sports.
Using our fast diving boat, we can come back from diving after only two hours, so that we can still have time to take part in other activities, like kite surf, windsurf or simply for relaxing on the beach.

From here you can dive to Panorama Reef, Salem Express, Middle Reef, Ras Abu Soma e Abu Kafan. The dive sites in Soma Bay’s and Safaga’s area are still little known and have a great variety of caves, walls, wrecks and coral carpets, full of different marine life and amazing colors.


IMG_3870 IMG_3809 Dive_In_SSH_16BOATS: Specific diving boats; this means that you won’t find any surprise, but just high standard dives, comfort, cleanness and above all safety. We have also a fast and comfortable diving boat, which allows us to reach in a short time all our dive destinations, so that we can come back earlier to our hotel.

No transfer! If you are staying at the Palme Royale Resort, the boats Dive In leave every day from the shore in front of the diving centre.

FREE SHUTTLE TRANSFER SERVICE FROM AND TO THE HOTEL: free Dive In shuttle from and to your hotel in Soma Bay’s, Makady’s and Safaga’s areas.

EQUIPMENT:  It is possible to rent any diving equipment you need. We have 30 equipment sets, regularly serviced, according to the manufacturer requirements and to the CDWS, in order to guarantee you safety and comfort while diving. In this way, you can travel more light, renting all the diving equipment you need. In addition, if you have the FREQUENT DIVER CARD you will get 50% discount on basic equipment (BCD, wetsuit, regulator, mask and fins) or 30% if you buy a package.

TANKS: In aluminum, with DIN/INT valve of 12 liters, on request 15 liters in steel with DIN/INT valve.

COMPRESSORS: a wide room for tanks refilling with Bauer compressors.

EQUIPMENT ROOM: the private equipment can be stored, rinsed and dried in our wide closed room, used for equipment storage. The equipment will be load down and unload for every dive by our staff, so you can find it directly on the boat or in the diving centre before and after your dives.

COURSES: Dive In is recognized as PADI 5PALM RESORT. Wide rooms with audio-visual systems, swimming pools and house reefs are available for trials and PADI courses, from Bubblemaker to Specialties, all managed by our PADI DIVE IN Instructors. 

BOUTIQUE: Tradition since 1995, in our centre you can find a wide selection of Dive In t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts, to bring back home a souvenir, a present and a bit of Dive In fashion!

If you book online

  •     Discounts on packages and courses
  •     You get the Frequent Diver Card!
  •     Benefits for instructors